About Us

Demon Town is an exciting opportunity to be a part of the upcoming Alpha Community and lay the foundation for its construction by setting direction and contributing to its development. Becoming an NFT holder will open the gates to all parts of the project, it will be your key to everything. Demon Town focuses on building a strong community of early supporters and enthusiasts. Actively engaging with project participants, we aim to build a sense of belonging and ownership in the community. By engaging the community and prioritizing transparency and feedback, we are laying the groundwork for a successful future.


Value 1: Transparency

All of our roadmaps and progress will be shared transparently with holders. Our team has created a realistic roadmap that can be accomplished with our budget. We are a group of honest individuals that value your time and trust. Our roadmap is realistic, achievable, and can be accomplished within the planned time/budget.

Value 2: Holders first and foremost

Our team will be always listening. We will do our best to satisfy the needs of our holders. Holders are the owners of our community. We have social networking platforms like Discord and Twitter to communicate regularly. We will utilize these media to frequently assess our holders demands and to upgrade our roadmap.
In keeping with our mission, we will always give the community the attention it deserves. As a thank you for support, we distribute all Royalties to Holders:

1 NFT - 15%
5 NFT - 25%
15 NFT - 60%

Value 3: Protecting Investors

Our team understands that many of our holders have purchased Demons in hopes of capital gains. We will do our best to raise the floor price. Research shows that NFT projects with clear, realistic roadmaps had a much higher chance of protecting their floor price. But as always, do your own research. No one, including us, can guarantee profit. What we can promise is that we will successfully complete the promised roadmap and do our best to make the Demon Town thrive.



Head CM


Demon Town is an NFT collection living, building and growing in Solana.


April 5


VIP&OG - 1 Guaranteed Free Mint
WL - 1 FCFS Free Mint
 PUBLIC - Degen Price (0.03 SOL)

All information is listed in our Discord.

30% - Giveaways, Activities and IRL things.

30% - Will be spent on staff: Alpha Hunters, Collab Managers and Mods. Planning on give value back.

40% - Team Expansion. As Demon Town grows, new team members will be needed more than ever, so this portion of the funds will go towards hiring employees and creating even more cool content.

6.66% - All Royalties will be distributed to Holders.